The Bots of Today

Gemini-Scout, Dante 2, and Mr.Gower

The Bots of Today


Robots are actually coming to life! We used to think robots were fake, but they are not anymore. Robots help us believe it or not in our everyday life. In the text it says, “Robots do many jobs today.” (Lucas Langley) In this paragraph I will be telling you about robots and helping miners, helping hospitals, and helping scientists find information.


First, of all there is the Gemini-Scout. This robot does search-and-rescue work underground. It is less than two feet tall but it is a lean mean fighting machine.It can help trapped miners underground and tells miners when the air is safe. It can carry many supplies, like food, water, and other supplies. This robot even has wheels to go up and down stairs and make tight turns. This robot is very responsible and can do many things.


The next robot that I will be telling you about is Mr.Gower. Silly name but it is a very helpful robot around the hospital. It's body is a stack of locked drawers with medicine in them. Nurses and doctors can unlock the drawers and get the medicine out. It can even go anywhere in the hospital. In the text it says that, “It can ride elevators, steer through hallways, and even move around things that get in the way.” That is a very self sufficient and a very helpful robot.

Dante 2

The last robot that I will be telling you about is the Dante 2. This robot can help scientists find information inside of volcanoes while the scientists are at a safe distance. It climbs into the volcanoes and finds vents, holes, and crates. When it needs to climb out it goes up the steep walls of the volcanoes with its eight legs. This robot truly does help the world to be a better place and a good environment.


Therefore, robots in today's society are very helpful electronics to us. We should never get rid of them. Gemini-Scout, Mr.Gower, and Dante 2 are all very good robots. Maybe someday we all will get helping robots. You never know what could happen!