Welcome To Eisenhower

By Clarice Robinett

Welcome To 6th Grade

Well welcome 6th grader to the scariest yet interesting place ever. Middle school. Now I know whats going through your head which is I'm so mature an proper and smart I don't need anyone help I can figure my new life as a 6th grader by myself. Well trust me you're going to want my help.


Now you are probably in either team A or B all that for is your block classes and field trip so don't worry about if your best friend that you knew since you where born is on the other team because you can still be in their no core classes or lunch and study


Non core and Blocks

Now you maybe asking your self what is a block and non core class. Well you block classes are Science,Social studies, ELA, and math. They are pretty much the classes you have the longest. Meanwhile your non core are health,PFFLS, Spanish, gym, and whatever related arts you choose they are the classes you have the shortest.


In elementary I'm pretty sure you never had a period where it was study. So let e explain what study is. Study is a period where you can make up work, go to teachers if your having trouble with a lesson, or do homework. Its pretty much just a free period where you can catch up on things you missed. And lunch is the same except you can sit anywhere you want.

Related Arts