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Modern culture has a stigma against middlemen.

The Perceived Value of Middlemen: Contractor Lead Generators Break the Stigma

Modern culture has a stigma against middlemen. They seem to exist solely to make things slightly easier for people. In exchange for this modest ease of us, they charge an arm and a leg to get the job done. The Internet has provided a haven to where anything is realistically possible, and DIYers proclaim that paying someone is unproductive if it can be completed in-house.

Though this may be true, to an extent, some DIY projects are too large and expert-driven to be practical in-house. Leads for Contractors can be found online through a web resource known as http://www.superfastleads.com. The company sifts through potential projects that are presented to them. They also market to reach these projects. They remove projects that seem shady, and they presumably take a fee from the client’s to be listed to their pool of contractors. This leads right into the other end of the spectrum, where active contractors find jobs they would love to tackle.

Business Growth and Re-directed Marketing

Is it possible for a contractor to find their own leads? Of course it is. In the case of free roofing leads, the middlemen approach is so quick-witted, intuitive, and logical, their services save an enormous amount of time. A contractor does not necessarily have to deploy expertly layered marketing strategies to stay in business. A lead generator essentially fills in as their web and possibly local marketing. They obtain jobs from Superfastleads without having to pay for marketing and promoting in hopes of reaching a lead. The leads are also pre-filtered, so poor quality projects and shady clients will be dramatically reduced.

What is the Cost?

There is a cost. The cost ranges depending on the project specifics, and is not the focus here. The greatest part about this particular middleman company is that they only charge once a client lands a job. There is no upfront costs, and there is no complementary fees. When a contractor gets a job, they pay a fee.

Lead generators are clearly middlemen, but they earn a level of reserved authenticity that the middlemen stigma often does not provide. They relieve marketing budget burdens, and they only charge when it matters. The fact that Super Fast Leads only charges upon success is the root reason their business has been such an excellent option. Contracting is hard. Local contracting is harder. The industry is not conducive to web marketing and promotions- until now.