Abdul T. Gangardiwala

"life one step at a Time"

Abdul is an 8th-grade student. There are lots of interesting things in Abdul’s life. Here are some of them:

Abdul's full name is Abdul Tayyeb Gangardiwala. His name means a believer of a person. He was born in Dahod, Gujarat, India on February 12th, 2002. His dad owns a business as a shipping carrier and his mom works as a pharmacy technician. Abdul has a younger brother, Murtaza, who was born on July 7th, 2003. He also has a younger sister, whose name is Hawraa. She was born on December 3rd, 2007.

The best thing in the world, according to Abdul, is airplanes and mathematics. He feels that the greatest achievement of humans was to create the internet. The worst thing humans have done is to divide land. Humans have been separated from each other. The best thing in Abdul’s life was that he moved to Canada. And here he is now.

Abdul is now living in Mississauga, Ontario and attending school at the Valley’s Sr. Public School. His future is bright and full of possibilities. Abdul has great aspirations and will surely achieve what he wants.