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Volumen 12, Edicion 2 - Agosto 30, 2018

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Immersion Education – Teaching academic content in another language

Welcome Back Fronteras Families!

One of the mandatory emergency drills required of all district schools is ALICE. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. ALICE is our school district’s response to a perceived threat of an intruder.

Today, when our ALICE drill began and the announcement of a dangerous intruder in the green hallway was made, school staff had to decide if they should evacuate or lockdown in place. Eight classroom spaces evacuated safely and 12 classrooms and office spaces chose to lockdown. It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer in an emergency involving an intruder. We make the best decision we can with the information we have. The worst thing we can do is nothing. After accounting for all students, staff, and visitors, we returned to normal operation. It was a very successful drill and we are so proud of every one of our students! Without being asked, our 4th and 5th graders and middle schoolers took immediate care of the Kindergarteners evacuating in their hallways and helped them to their meeting places. We are looking forward to our next set of drills, debriefing, and brainstorming ways to get even better.

For more information about ALICE and the individual components, please visit:

A couple important reminders:

· Class starts at 8:00am. We have many late kiddos arriving well after the school day has begun. Every time the classroom door opens with a late arrival, it interrupts student learning.

· Our school day ends at 2:35pm. We have many students getting picked up early. This too interrupts and cuts into student learning. Thank you for understanding!

Thank you for supporting your child’s education! We love that you are part of Fronteras! Enjoy the extra long weekend!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Hutchins

“Live simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots.” - Anonymous

Morning drop off:

· Please pull as far forward along the sidewalk as possible – walking is good for the heart!

· Ensure your child(ren) have their items ready to go and can exit the vehicle quickly

· Do not leave your vehicle – if you want to walk your child to the door, please park in the designated parking lot

· Be patient and extra attentive when driving through the parking lot

Picking up in the afternoon:

· Enter our parking lot ONLY through the entrance, and exit our parking lot ONLY through the exit

· Please be patient, courteous, and aware at all times while driving through our parking lot

· Do not leave your vehicle in the drive-thru lane alongside the sidewalk. This is NOT a parking zone. If you need to leave your vehicle, please park in a designated spot.

Important Dates to Remember

  • September 3 - Labor Day (no school)
  • September 7 - Early Release (students dismissed at 12:30)
  • September 11 - APC Board Meeting
  • September 19 - Pyrah's Farm Field Trip (Kindergarten)

Friendly Reminders

To continue on with a smooth and fluid school year, the following considerations would be greatly appreciated:

  • In both the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, please pull all the way forward along the sidewalk
  • No Top Ramen at lunch unless precooked and stored in a thermos. Top Ramen takes too long to microwave causing safety issues and not allowing enough time for your child to eat their lunch
  • Students need to bring a labeled water bottle every day to school
  • If there is any schedule change to your child's afternoon dismissal, including someone else other than you picking up your child, please use School Dismissal Manager

Wasilla Bus Schedule Change!

Starting on Tuesday, September 4th, the Wasilla morning bus will be arriving at the morning bus stops 5 minutes earlier. These new times are also listed on the website!

The new times are as follows:

  • 3 Bears Trunk (old time - 6:57am) new time - 6:52am
  • 3 Bears KGB (old time - 7:18am) new time - 7:13am
  • Target (old time - 7:32am) new time - 7:27am
  • Boys and Girls Club (old time - 7:40am) new time - 7:35am

After School Enrichment Clubs

The First Quarter After School Enrichment Club forms went home with students today, August 30th. Extra forms are available at the front desk. Sign-ups will take place at noon on Tuesday, September 4th with clubs beginning on Monday, September 10th!

After you have signed up and paid online, please turn in the completed After School Enrichment Club Form to the front desk. If you choose to send the form and payment in with your child, there is no guarantee that the club(s) you selected will be available. Forms and payments will not be processed until 3:00pm on September 4th.

Spirit Gear is Here!

It's that time of year again to get your spirit on! Spirit Gear flyers went home with students on Wednesday, August 29th. Orders are online only! All orders need to be completed by September 11th! Extra flyers are available at the front desk!
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Subway is back!

Subway is a great alternative once a week to get a break from the usual "sack lunch". Subway orders are due every Tuesday at 3:00. No exceptions can be made. Subway forms are to be turned in to the front desk with cash or check. Checks made payable to Subway. Please fill out an individual form for each student, you can combine payment and write one check for all. Extra forms are available on our website or at the front desk. Salad forms will not be sent home monthly, please request one from the front office. Eat Fresh!

Volunteer Begin Date!

Volunteering in Fronteras classrooms will begin on Tuesday, September 4, 2018! Please contact the front desk if you have any questions or concerns!

It's On The Website!

Forgot a field trip date, permission slip, Subway form, or bus times and it's midnight? All of these and more are available at the Fronteras website at The website is regularly updated to keep Fronteras families informed and up to date on current events. Everyone is encouraged to check the website first!

APC Board News!

Hello Fronteras Families,

We hope you have had a wonderful summer! APC Board Meetings are typically held the 2nd Tuesday, bi-monthly. Our first scheduled Board meeting for the academic year will be on Tuesday, September 11, 6:00pm. We will meet in one of the Middle School classrooms, TBD.

All families are welcome and encouraged to attend APC meetings. The APC Board works in partnership with our school administrator, Mrs. Hutchins, to uphold the intention and direction of the Charter. The Board is comprised of parents and staff, though we also have positions available for several community members as well. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email,

Welcome back!

Heather Charton

APC Board Chair

Volunteer Log Book

Fronteras families are required to volunteer 36 hours during the school year. The Volunteer Log Book is located at the front desk and is ready for you to start recording your volunteer hours! The pages are in alphabetical order under family student last names. Look for your highlighted name label at the top of the page.

Yearbook News

The 2018-19 Fronteras Yearbook is available to custom order online. Orders will be online only!

If you ordered a yearbook online last year, then you can use the same passwords.

Please click on the link below to order your yearbook!

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National Hispanic Heritage Month


September 17- October 12

· One day celebration

· One country per teacher gives us 14 countries.

· One country per Special teachers (Art, music, and PE- “play Hispanic games jumping rope, etc ”) 3 countries

· One country per office (front office, SPED office, Spanish office, Math tutor office) 4 countries – Decoration only.

Total 21 countries

· Traditional country animal representing each class to decorate hallways

· School wide daily activity (Sabias que—Did you know…) fun facts!

· Staff dance

In order for students to have fun learning, Fronteras will start a school wide daily activity:

Sabias que…. Did you know that.....

Following steps:

· Start Monday September 17, one of the Spanish tutors and Mrs. Bang will announce two fun facts about a specific animal in a Hispanic country in the morning.

· During the day, classes will search and discuss which country those facts may belong to.

· At the end of the day, each class will leave their answer of the daily “SABIAS QUE”; inside of our mundo (world) by the Spanish tutor’s office.

· The next day tutors will announce the correct answer and the classes with the correct answer will be into a drawing on Friday.

· The class who wins the drawing will get an empty piñata to use at any time during the month. ( Teachers will ask parents for donations to help fill the piñata)

Note: * By Monday October 12, Fronteras would have covered the 21 Hispanic countries.

Classrooms Celebrations! (During the month)

To keep students immersed in the culture, teachers will choose one afternoon per week during this month to celebrate their country by creating crafts, watching videos, listening music, potluck, doing piñatas, decorating hallways, doors, doing poster, practicing dancing, creating traditional dress, etc to present to the school on the final day, Friday, October 13. (Inviting parents to volunteer)


iParent is Parent/guardian web based access to student information including registration, attendance, scheduling, discipline and grades. All enrolled student's information will be accessible with one account and you will keep the same account throughout your family’s time with the district. iParent is also recommended for registration, although you don't have to have an account to register your student!


SchoolCash Online

Not sure if your check or cash made it to the school to pay for that important field trip or activity? Who lost it? The school? you? your child? Funds weren't received, therefore, your child can't participate?

Have no fear, SchoolCash Online is here! For safety, efficiency and the reduction of cash and checks coming into our schools, the MSBSD has implemented SchoolCash Online! It takes less than 5 minutes to register to start enjoying the convenience of paying online and fast!


Blackboard Connect

Don't miss those important messages! Blackboard Connect enables you to manage your contact information and subscriptions for ConnectEd messages!


School Dismissal Manager

What is School Dismissal Manager aka SDM? SDM utilizes web based technology (desktop or mobile), allowing parents to communicate to schools their child’s dismissal/bus plans for the day making it safer, easier, and quicker. No more notes or phone calls!

SDM sent families an email on Friday, August 17th with necessary information to access SDM. Parents/guardians of Fronteras students no longer need to call the front office to make changes to their child’s afternoon dismissal plans. You will do it all at your convenience!

Visit today to download the app or visit Kami at the front desk for a personal demonstration!

Thank you for being Fronteras SDM rockstars!

Get the App!


Stay connected with your students' schools all in one place! The app also gives you access to Tip Line to report information directly to your child's Principal.

Click the image below to learn more about all the app's new features!

New MSBSD App!

Box Tops!

Yes, we collect and regularly send in Box Tops! You can deposit Box Tops (except expired ones) anytime in the collection container located at the front desk! Start collecting!

Sr. Onfray is the new voice of Fronteras on radio station 100.9! Take a listen at 6:30 each morning!

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It's A Triplet Kind of Day!

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Charming Twins

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Captain America Twins!

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Did You Know?

The sun rises and sets in Costa Rica at the same time every day 365 days a year, due to its close proximity to the equator.
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