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April/May Edition

Grade 6's Take the Stage

On Thursday, April 30th, 2015, Mrs. Hammond’s Grade 6s performed their version of the play Twelfth Night. They worked hard making sets, coordinating costumes, and memorizing lines since February, to put on this wonderful performance for all the staff and students in the Ryerson library. For each student to be assigned a role, Mrs. Hammond picked two monologues from the show and each student chose which one he or she wanted. They then had two days to prepare it. Once auditions were complete, she split students up into two groups: the “Shakes” and the “Speares,” and then she assigned students their roles. Each group performed once; there was a show for the Primary grades and there was a performance for the Intermediates and Juniors. Here is what some of the Grade 6’s had to say about the whole experience: “It was a really great experience for us as classmates to bond and really get to know each other, as actors, and as friends," said Nathan. Aidan noted, "It was a good experience for future references," and Shreya said, "I had fun, and it was fun to work with my friends."

Kindergarten Shed

Congratulations to the Kindergartner classes! Lately, there has been construction in our yard due to the building of our new shed. The kids were especially excited and set off to work right away drawing on its bumpy surface with paper and crayons to achieve a new texture in their art. Now we have a new place to store all of our outdoor equipment to keep it in tip-top shape and safe from Canadian weather! You should have seen the massive crane that came to set the shed in place. The next event for the Kindergarten yard is the installation a new sand box sometime in early June.


Ryerson Ravens Tear up The Track

This past April 28th, athletes in Grades 4–8 spent the day participating in the Ryerson Track and Field Meet. Lots of students were competing in the events of sprints (80 or 100 metres depending on age), 400 metres, 800 metres, 1500 metres, relay, high jump, long jump, triple jump, and softball throw. All had hopes of making it to the regional meet at A. B. Lucas on May 20th. There could not have been a better date for Ryerson’s meet, as it was one of the sunniest and hottest days we had in a while. In total, 62 great athletes made the trip to Lucas, where they will attempt to make it to the TVDSB Finals at TD Waterhouse on June 3rd. Their stellar performances, in each of the different events, and age groups, makes our chances of bring home many medals very high. Good luck and congratulations to all these athletes!

May Round Up

- The Kindergarten classes had a successful bake sale

- The Junior Achievement Program gave all Grade 7/8 students an understanding of how to create good money habits and how to use money in effective ways

- The Ryerson Orchestra presented at the Kiwanis Festival, at the Thames Valley Board Meeting and at the Arts Festival at Cleardale Public School

- 44 Grade 7 & 8 students participated in the Gauss Math Test

- Ms. Rutkevich's class and other "Me to We" members participated in the Barefoot Walk at Victoria Park

- Music Night at Ryerson was a big success on May 13th

- The MayFair Post Contest was a success for those students who contributed and those who won passes to the event.

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