Short Week=Long Weekend

Rest, Relax, Refresh

MAP Testing

Students did great with their first ever standardized test. MAP testing on Tuesday and Wednesday went smoothly and is now over till April 2016;)

Math Workshop

We have launched our school year with Multiplication. There has been a big learning curve for many students as this is a jump from addition and subtraction in 2nd grade. However, they have all shown a growth mindset, tackling the concepts.

Our classroom follows a math workshop model, where students come to the carpet for a mini lesson, number talks, some mental math is involved. They are then sent off in partnerships or small groups to build and create posters to explain strategies they are learning. Afterward, students give one another feedback during a silent gallery walk. Followed by a Math Congress. During a Math Congress specific student partnerships are chosen to explain and justify their strategies to the rest of the class. There are some rich discussions when students are faced with convincing their peers and justifying the reasons their model is the best one to use for the math situation.

I look forward to having parents join us this trimester for a math workshop. Details will come home about this soon.

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This morning I asked students to write down on a post it anonymously. What Stresses You Out in Your Life?"

The responses were interesting, I wanted to share their thoughts with you. I categorized the responses and here were the main themes:

  • My parents not allowing me to use, iPads (12)
  • My Parents telling me to do my homework right after school, not being allowed to play/telling me more than once. (13)
  • Working in groups with people who do not have the same mindset, but Ms. Day doesn't know because they pretend when she is around (3)
  • Sharing with siblings (4)
  • Speaking in front of my classmates (4)
  • MAP Test: (7)
  • Math (4)

Please see the link below for an interesting take on Stress.

Peace Day

Just as a final reminder, United Nations International Day of Peace will be celebrated on Monday September 21st, 2015. As an ISB community we will celebrate together as a whole school in the Rajendra Hall 8:30-9:15, culminating by planting a school peace pole in the garden. Please have your child wear white ISB shirts on this day. And please talk to your child this weekend about what Peace means to them and your family.

Have a wonderful long weekend. One final video for your listening pleasure, I have also shared this mindful moment with your children today.

A wonderful few minutes of mindfulness.

John Lennon - Imagine HD