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30 May - 08 June 2016

The Closing of 15-16 School Year

Another school year comes to a close. Another class graduates. Another freshmen class comes in . . . the cycle continues.

At the beginning of this school year, I began a journey of new learning and service. As I reflect on the past 10 months, I am in awe of all I have seen, learned, and grown. The one-on-one conversations with teachers I have had over the past three weeks has solidified much of what I had already known about the CPU High School Staff -- you are awesome.

I often tell you, "If only everyone could be in my shoes, even for just one day, to see the phenomenal work happening in this building . . ." Not one teacher in this building is complacent to just do as we have always done. In my conversations, I have learned that each and every one of you is looking forward, and whether it is the plan we devised or another, you are all moving forward.

To close the weekly communications for the 15-16 school year, I'd like to quote Mr. Marshall's remarks from graduation on Sunday, "If a door closes, open it -- that's how they work." However, the opening of closed doors is about practice and knowing which ones to open and which to leave shut.

When it comes to Standards-Based Learning, all school year, I have listened to teachers talk about doors that they feel are closed or that they have closed and then watched them open those doors, some maybe for just even a crack. Other doors, such as extra credit and homework for points, are being nailed shut, and that's okay -- some doors aren't meant to be opened again.

Thank you for all that you have done for students and for each other this past year -- when you see each other in the halls and at the mailboxes, extend yourself to offer and or accept a thank you or a high five; applaud each other for being dedicated to your practice and our students . . . and then enjoy your summer and your family.

Thank you for letting me into your classrooms and sharing your practices with me. I am truly humbled to be the high school's instructional coach and feel so blessed to be able to serve you again this summer and next year. #spp #nobetterplacetowork #makethechoice #makeitagreatday

Coaching Schedule -- see Google Calendar for specific "Busy" times **schedule subject to change**

Monday, 30 May -- Memorial Day -- NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, 31 May

  • 8:30 Meeting with Dilyn McNeill -- planning for DTL 07 June
  • Serve Teachers & Students
  • Research & Resources

Wednesday, 01 June -- Students' Last Day -- ALOHA Greetings

  • 12:45 Dismissal for students
  • 3:45 Dismissal for teachers

Thursday, 02 June -- Full Day of Professional Learning

  • Agenda emailed
  • Teacher Check-out

Friday, 03 June

  • FINAL Libolt/IC Meeting 7:30?????
  • Finish Teacher Check-out

Monday, 06 June -- IC Summit All Day

Tuesday, 07 June -- DTL/IC Summit AM Only

Wednesday, 08 June -- DTL Summit All Day (Pope not attending)

Thursday, 09 June -- DTL Summit All Day (Pope not attending)

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