Sudie News

Week of April 27, 2015

Principal's Message

  • In his book Good to Great Jim Collins tells us that "good is the enemy of great." Why is it that everyone is content with being "good?" Is it because if great was easy, then everyone would do it? As we begin to come around the last lap of this school year we need to take time to find our last bit of energy to live and breathe greatness. So far we have a lot of greatness to celebrate. Here is a list of some great things we need to stop and celebrate:
    • Teachers come early & stay late...because they want to
    • There is just as much activity after school as there is in school
    • Teachers go into teacher's classrooms to learn/share
    • Teachers volunteer their own time before school, after school, and evenings to help kids
    • Teacher's room discussions revolve around student learning & effective teaching-(data teams)
    • When everyone takes PRIDE in the school.(I Love Sudie Month,Daily Pep Rally)
    • When we took time to share food with each other during STAAR week!
    • When teachers have meaningful conversations about personal strengths and growth opportunities with the principal.
    • When teachers & students run the school- organizing events, field trips & other activities that strengthen culture and make school feel like a home(Real School Garden,Reading Night, Math Night, Fall Carnival, Sudie's Got Talent etc.)
    • When the entire staff is appreciated - public and private thank yous go a long way(daily shout-outs,)
    • When we celebrate student success...often! - (student of the month, data walls)

    This is just a start, I will bring this list to our meetings and I want you to add to this list because I know you have a lot more greatness to celebrate. Let's Finish Strong by continuing our journey from good to great!

    TAG teacher of the Week

    This week the TAG teacher of the week is Ms. Sandra Martinez in room 210. Take time this week to stop by her room and observe her for a few minutes. The more teachers you are able to observe the more ideas you can get that you and your students will benefit from.

    Career Day May 1

    Mr. Perez has been working hard to get our career day ready for our students. He needs your help. He is working on showing our students the importance of education and overcoming barriers or challenges. He is asking that we all make a short video that tells the kids how you overcame a personal challenge by staying in school and not giving up. I know that our students will love to hear from us.

    Climate Survey

    The climate survey has already been emailed . We have until May 7th to complete it. Please take time to complete it as soon as possible. The April Jean Day promotion is coming to an end this week. As always, if we are able to get 90% of our staff by the end of this week, Then we can begin our May/June jean day promotion. Do you want to end the year in jeans? Then complete the survey today. It only takes a few minutes. If you overlooked the survey in your email, it is easy to find just do an email search with the key words "climate survey." Thank you for your feedback.


    Cooperation- when you work with someone to accomplish a task

    The word of the week will be read in the auditorium. Have the designated student(s) in the auditorium by 7:45.

    Quote of the Week:

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    April 27

    Data Teams all Content Areas-@3:15 in the library

    Happy Birthday Ms. Lamberti

    April 28

    April 29

    April 30

    CATCH committee in lieu of May 7th to plan for Field Day

    May 1

    Career Day/Sudie's Got Talent

    FSAC ideas/concerns deadline to submit


    May 7


    May 8

    Field Day

    May 12

    5th grade Reading STAAR 2nd round