June, 2016

Almost there!!

Thank you, dear members, for all of your support this year!!! We are looking forward to seeing you next academic year, and here's a reminder for our year-end closing procedure:

  • The McGoldrick Collegium is closed Tuesday, June 7 through September 20, 2016.

  • Please claim all of your lost items by Monday, June 6. The Lost & Found box is located next to the microwave on the kitchen counter. You'd never know that you'd lost it here unless you check.

  • Please return all McGoldrick belongings such as utensils, mugs, etc. by Monday, June 6.

  • Please feel free to write down your thoughts on our programming feedback poster on the kitchen counter. It will be really helpful for our programs during the next academic year!!

Good luck on your finals/final projects, and have a wonderful summer!!


McGoldrick Team