Happy 70th Birthday, Ms. Carlock!

Dear Ms. Carlock,

I wish I could be there with my family to celebrate your 70th birthday and appreciate your beautiful music and photographs.

It is very hard to believe that it's your 70th birthday already. When I was taking lessons from you at Settlement Music School not too long ago, your energy and enthusiasm for music and your students always tricked me to believe that you are not any older than my parents. Your growing passion and skills in photography also contributed to that. I am very fortunate to have gotten an opportunity to look at some of your magnificent works at your house this past summer. I am unfortunate in a sense that I know what I will be missing out on Sunday, but I am happy to know that more of the people, including my family, will finally get a chance to see your wonderful photographs with some Mozart and Schumann.

You are my inspiration to be passionate, diligent, and confident at what I am doing and I am sure you are to many other people around you. It is never enough to thank you for your positive influence on who I am now. I hope you have the most amazing day on your 70th birthday. I'm wishing you another 30 great years of life before you officially turn old at 100 !

Much love,


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Back in Kent, England in the spring of 2012 before a concert with Cary and Ms. Carlock :)