Music Notes with Mrs. Brown

January 2013

It's Good to Be Back!

I am so glad to be back at school and working with the students and staff of Crozet!
I missed everyone while recovering from foot surgery. Thank you to all students and staff for such a warm welcome back!

Second & Third Grade Winter Program

Our Winter Show is Tuesday January 28th at 9am and 7pm.

Our winter program features 2/3 students and Music Club members in an exciting concert which honors the winter season. This program will feature multi-cultural pieces as well.
Second & third grade students will sing selections with student created movement, rounds, partner songs, and instruments. Music club members will play selections on recorder, xylophones, tubano drums, and more!

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First Grade Folk Dancing

Our first grade students are learning various folk dances during music class. These dances have been chosen to specifically honor our students' family heritage and ancestry. This week, we performed a folk dance from England: Yankee Doodle. Next week, we will perform a Russian folk dance. Our students enjoy being physically active while learning the heritage and ancestry of our classmates. In addition, our folk dancing supports the first grade classroom curriculum as students work on family heritage projects in the regular classroom as part of our Design 2015 school project. For more information on our collaborative Design 2015 project, click the link below.