Skeletal And Muscular System

By: Grant Kowalewski

Skeletal System

Gives the organism support and protects the organisms inner organs. The bones slowly fuse together as your body get older. In order for for your bones to move your muscles do all the work. Your bones need cartilage to reduce friction on your bones. If your bones didn't have cartilage it would be painful to move.

Muscular System

The muscles in your body are attached to the bones in allow you to move and lift things. You need to eat healthy meals so your muscles can get stronger and work properly. The stomach processes the food you eat and terns into glucose. Glucose is the energy that your muscles run on with out glucose your muscles won't work.

Muscles & bones

What They Can Do

Anything is possible.

Together they can do amazing things. They allow you to talk, walk, run, move, and countless more thing these wonders can do for us.