Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Morgan Corbeille

Job Responsibilities

Nuclear medicine technologists jobs are to try to locate "unstable atoms" to diagnose diseases in the body. They also have to prepare patients before the procedure, give them instructions and also give them a radionuclide substance to drink the night before. Another thing they have to do is process data and digital images using advanced computer technology.

Work Environment

Nuclear medicine technologists work in hospitals, doctors offices, and even for government agencies.


Nuclear medicine technologists can go to vocational school or a training program and have to spend a year in Nuclear medicine. They also could (but don't need to) get their associate's degree and bachelor's degree.


Nuclear medicine technologists make between $50,560 and $93,320, but the average salary is $70,180.

Interesting Facts & Information

Nuclear medicine technologists use radiopharmaceuticals (a group of pharmaceutical drugs which have radioactivity) to create images of organs. The field is very small, which can make it harder to get into. You are be exposed to (small) amounts of radiation. Also they work 40 hours a week which can include weekends.