Save the deep water Redfish

Germir Hooks

Scientific Name

Actinopyga echinites

Common Name

Brownfish, Deep Water Redfish




This species is found along outer reef flats (Skewes et al. 2004), in the littoral zone, and in estuaries and lagoons. This species dwells in moderately shallow waters, mostly on reef flats of fringing and lagoon-islet reefs. It can be abundant in seagrass beds, on rubble flats, and compact flats where populations can reach high densities


Commercial harvest of this species is reason for concern in some of its range. Conand identified that this species was under population stress as a result of fisheries to satisfy the international trade. Later, Bruckner categorized this species as of concern in some countries of its range. Toral-Granda includes this species as a species with significance in the global sea cucumber market.

Conservation Efforts

In Papua New Guinea, regulations for the capture of this species include a minimum landing size, a fishing season, fishing permits, Total Allowable Catch and gear restrictions. In La Reunion, there is a fishing closure between December and January, and a minimum landing size of 50 g.