Tera F.

My first fact about elephants is, there are three species of elephants the three species are Asian, African, and African Forest, the Asian is the smallest, the African is the biggest and has tow bumps, African forest is smaller than the African but bigger than the Asian. My second fact about elephants is, African Elephants are found in east Africa, the African Forest is southeast Asia. My next fact about elephants is, an elephant stars mating when about 17 and stops when about 50 an elephant will have about 7 caves in its live time. My next fact about elephants is, a typical herd of elephants is made of three or four female and there calves. My next fact about elephants is, an elephant will have 6 pairs of teeth in their life. They last about 10 years. When they lose all 6 pairs of teeth, they die. However, they can move to a place that has softer food and expand their life. On hot days an elephant runs water along their back to keep cool. A herd of elephants walk 50 miles a day. A charging herd of elephants can run 25 miles that is much farther than a human can run.

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