Ms. Kristi Romine

English I, Pre-AP English I, and Creative Writing

Life is a Journey. We're going to a variety of places this year, so pack your bags accordingly. Creative Writing students, scroll to the bottom for an area dedicated to your class.

Welcome to my class! I teach English I, Pre-AP English I, and Creative Writing. The background of this page says it all. With all due respect to trees, we'll crumple a bit of paper in my classes as we brainstorm, write, revise and edit, and ultimately publish great works of art. Whether you are enrolled in English I or Creative Writing, writing will be emphasized, starting with the crafting of a beautifully written sentence. As a member of my English classes, your journey will also take you through great works of literature as you travel from ancient Greece to Shakespeare's Elizabethan era, to 1930's Maycomb, Alabama, to 1940's Poland, and even to the present day. Prepare yourself for the journey!

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

Click on the link below to go to Mrs. Albauer's website. She has additional information about our English I and Pre-AP English I classes. You will find additional links there for literature, videos, and more related to our curriculum in this class.


I am very fortunate to have a class set of iPads. You are very fortunate to have access to them! You will be assigned an iPad to use in class. Since there are six different students who will be using the same iPad each day, respect to other students and their work is important. That is why iPad settings, icons, labels, etc., should not be changed and other students' work should not be disturbed. All students will sign an iPad User Agreement before using an iPad.


DGP is an acronym for "Daily Grammar Practice." Each day students will complete a grammar exercise using the Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) program. Students do the following throughout the week: Monday--label parts of speech; Tuesday--label sentence parts and phrases; Wednesday--label clauses and sentence types; Thursday--identify capitalization and punctuation; Friday--diagram sentence.

We focus on the same sentence for an entire week. Students will have a DGP quiz every Monday over the previous week's sentence. Students should always be prepared for these quizzes because we go over the answers daily in class. In addition, students will receive a DGP notes packet at the time DGP is introduced. I will only give students one copy of this note packet, and I will not provide additional notes if they are misplaced. However, students will find the note packet by clicking the link below or by logging into their Edmodo account and going to the DGP folder.

Some of our Ports of Call (wear sunscreen; intense brilliance anticipated):

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I accept late work? No, not on daily assignments, if you were present in class on the day the work was assigned. Late essays or projects will have 10 points deducted for each day they are late.

How will you be graded? 20% Final Test, 30% Tests, 20% Quizzes, 20% Projects and Essays, 10% Homework and Daily Assignments.

How can you reach me for help on homework? Join our online learning communities on Edmodo ( There is a unique group code for each class. It changes often, so ask me for the current code if you haven't already joined.

The most important question is: Why can't I have my cell phone out in your class? ALL the other teachers let me. And the answer is: cell phones are zombies. See below.

This poster hangs in my classroom. "Why?" you may ask.

This is a reminder to NEVER feed the zombies, of course. For purposes of my class, the zombies are anything that stand between you, the student, and success in my classroom. So don't feed them--ever!

Buckle your seatbelts; this is going to be a rollercoaster of a ride!

Major Papers and Projects

Mini -research- God and Goddesses (The Odyssey)

Personal Narrative

Compare and Contrast Essay

Character Analysis (Romeo and Juliet)

Research: social issues

Persuasive/ Argumentative Essay

Summer Reading Assignment (Pre-AP)


Literature Term Presentation

Do you love to argue? (You know you do.)

The freshmen research paper will give you the opportunity to research a topic, to make a claim and back it up with supporting evidence, to refute counterclaims, and to write a strong conclusion, all while maintaining a formal style and objective tone. Although we haven't come to a final decision on this year's research topics, here are the ones under consideration:

1) Should adoption records be open to adoptees?

2) Is alternative medicine (for example, acupuncture) effective and safe?

3) Should college athletes be paid to play?

4) How can prison overcrowding be relieved?

5) Should animals be used in circuses or amusement parks?

6) Are celebrities good role models?

7) Are chain stores ruining America?

8) Should the government be monitoring phone records?

9) Does social media increase bullying?

10) Can diets be harmful?

11) Should online companies be able to sell your personal information?

12) Are carbon offsets effective in reducing global warming?

13) Should censorship occur in the educational system?

14) Should countries be allowed to use children in their work force?

15) Is rap music harmful to women?

16) Should the government build a wall on the United States - Mexico border?

17) Is ethnic profiling valid for the safety of society?

18) Is the death penalty administered fairly?

19) Do infectious diseases pose a serious threat?

20) Does capital punishment deter crime?

21) Does outsourcing harm America?

22) Is the government hiding information on the presence of UFOs?

23) Should shoe companies be able to give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes?

24) Do beauty contests serve any purpose in society?

25) Are standardized tests harmful to students?

26) Should students have to wear uniforms?

27) Should all American citizens have to complete a year of community service?

28) Should students’ textbooks be replaced by mobile versions on computers?

29) Should teens be able to buy violent video games?

30) Should boys and girls be in separate classes?

31) Should teenage girls be allowed to get birth control without the permission of their parents?

32) Should illegal immigrants be allowed the opportunity to become citizens?

33) Should the government place a tax on junk food and fatty snacks?

34) Should the 2nd amendment give citizens the right to own assault weaponry?

35) Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals like chimpanzees or tigers?

36) Should people be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs?

37) Should Oklahoma City offer a bike sharing program?

38) Should school athletes have to take drug tests?

39) Should teachers be allowed to carry guns in school?

40) Does popular culture such as music, film or television promote violence?

41) Should the government fund embryonic stem cell research?

42) Does reality TV encourage immoral behavior?

43) Should the federal government bailout private industry?

44) Should teens be able to get cosmetic surgery?

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Creative Writing Students

Below are links to videos about writing that are both practical and inspiring. Remember that writers write. Professor Dufresne says it well when he says something to the effect that the Muse does not come to you when you are not writing (you know, all those times when you are awaiting inspiration while avoiding writing); it is when you are engaged in the work of writing that you receive inspiration. And writing is indeed work, lonely but lovely work, that in spite of its inception in isolation, brings a connectedness to everyone and everything.