Week 5 of Kindergarten


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Sight Words

Fry's First 100
Students will be tested on List 2 on Friday. Please keep the "I Can!" sight word flashcards in the red folders. We will be adding the new words to the bag on Tuesday.

Students who tested a 70 or below will be retested on the List 1 and List 2 sight words before moving on.

List 1 - the, of, and, a, to
List 2 - in, is, you, that, it

New* List 3 - he, was, for, on, are

SEPTEMBER 12th - Sept 16th

New Superkid (dog): Golly

We will introduced a new Superkid this week! Golly the Superdog will help us learn the letter G. We will start to learn the /g/ sound in the final position of a word. It is going to be an important week for students to be introduced to sounds in different locations in a word. They will quickly learn to identify and apply that sound regardless of where it is located in a word.

Print & Awareness
- Identify parts of a book RF.K.1

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
- Identify initial and final /g/ RF.K.2
- Associate Gg with /g/ RF.K.3a
- Identify rhyming words RF.K.2a

- Discuss smells, gas stations. and zoo animals
L.K.5c L.K.6 SL.K.1 SL.K.1a SL.K.3 SL.K.4

- Generate questions to determine important ideas LK.1d
- Recognize plot RL.K.3

- Speak with appropriate stress RF.K.4

-Handwriting: Form Gg L.K.1a
- Expressive writing: Dictate sentences and complete tongue twisters L.K.1f W.K.2 W.K.3

- Encode Gg for /g/, Cc for /k/, Oo for /o/ L.K.2c

Listening and Speaking
- Listen for details and follow oral directions SL.K.2
- Discuss using polite language SL.K.1a SL.K.4 SL.K.6

Writing Journals: Students will write about small moments in our lives. We will be using fun memories and small moments to create sentences and illustrations. Students will be able to look at their work and find ways to improve it with adding details to both pictures and words.



Chapter 1: Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0-5

Children process through stages of rote counting and rational counting.
The rote counters: May not know the number names in sequence and may not be able to maintain one to one correspondence between the objects being counted and the number names.
The rational counters: They know the correct sequence of number names, use one to one correspondence to count object, and can name the cardinal number in the set.

1-7: Ways to make 5

1-8: Count and Order to 5

1-9: Problem Solving: Understand 0

1-10: Identify and Write 0

*Assessment on Chapter 1 at the end of the week


Chapter 3 : Stories Are Good

In this chapter we learn that God tells us in the Bible that he loves is. Students will be able to learn to reverence the Bible as God's Word and be able to know that we hear the Bible at Mass. Students will become familiar with the story of Jonah.

Important Reminders

Wednesday Morning Prayer: 7:50am on the Kindergarten Deck

Mystery Reader: Our Mystery Reader slot will be every Monday from 11:45-12:15. We ask that you bring in 2-3 books from you home. (ex: child’s favorite books ) Don’t forget, it’s a surprise!!

We are all booked up for Mystery Reader slots. I only gave out dates to the end of January so I will add more very soon! Thanks for all the support!!

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P.E. day:
Spanish: Mondays and Wednesdays
Music: Tuesdays
Technology: Tuesdays
Art: Thursdays
Drama: Friday

Lunch: 10:55am-11:25am

Monday, Sept 19th: Field Trip to Orlando Rep Theatre
Wednesday, September 21st: Noon Dismissal
Friday, Sept 30th: Center Day - Johnny Appleseed Day