Research Dietitians

By: Malee Thor 4th hour

Basic Information

  1. The employment is expected to grow fast.
  2. Dietitians work in a variety of settings.
  3. Research dietitians conduct studies on human nutrition.
  4. They support clinical trials done by other researchers.
  5. Develop nutritional meal plans.
  6. Give nutritional advice to help support a study.
  7. You must complete is a four-year college degree with a major in dietetics.
  8. They manage nutrition programs.
  9. They have to study ways to delay the process of food spoilage.
  10. They have to analyze recent medical discoveries to see how they're related to human nutrition.

Pros and Cons

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Helpful classes in high school and college

Some classes you'll need to take:

  • Community health
  • Consumer law
  • Food and nutrition
  • Food science
  • Health education
  • Lifetime fitness education
  • Psychology
  • Introduction to business
  • Healthcare sciences work experiences
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • General chemistry


University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

2420 Nicolet Drive

Green Bay, WI 54311 - 7001

Main telephone: (920) 465 - 2000



  • In state tuition is inexpensive.
  • The college offers soccer as a playing sport.
  • Application fee only costs $44.


  • There's a board and transportation cost when living with parents.
  • Average student loan debt after graduating classes is $27,239.
  • The cost of books is expensive.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

500 Lincoln Drive

Madison, WI 53706 - 1380

Main telephone: (608) 262 - 1234



  • Dorms are separated by gender.
  • The campus is patrolled by trained security.
  • They offer soccer as a sport.


  • Book tuition is expensive.
  • Boarding room or dorm is expensive.
  • The college tuition is expensive.

State college of Florida Manatee - Sarasota

5840 26th Street West, PO Box 1849

Bradenton, FL 34206 - 7046

Main telephone: (941) 752 - 5000



  • Out of state so I get to travel some place new.
  • They offer career services such as job interview preparations.
  • Offer an honors program.


  • They don't offer a dorm.
  • They don't offer soccer as a sport.
  • Admission fee costs $77.

Professional Associations

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000

Chicago, IL, 60606-6995

312/899-0040 or 800/877-1600

Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

563 Carter Court, Suite B

Kimberly, WI, 54136

920/560-5619 or 888/232-8631

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