Smiles for Miles

Megan's Preschool for Happy Kids

Megan's Mission Statement ☺

At Smiles for MIles: Megans Preschool for Happy KIds, we aim to provide the safest childcare in order to meet the child's and family's expectations and desires. At our preschool we care for the needs of each and every child by nourishing their minds and having fun. We make sure to provide a educational happy environment while meeting all safety requirenments.

Where is our program?

We offer a preschool daycare program. To enroll your child , our center can be reached at 787-495-8216 or at 1964 Layland Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA.

Our Service

Smiles for Miles is a daytime preschool center. We run from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Our center offers two sessions which run from 7:00 a.m. - 11 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Although children may stay for both sessions or extended sessions if planned with teachers. Our centers weekly fee for one session a day is 125 and two sessions a day is 225. Our preschool specializes in preparing children age four for kindergarten by teaching them skills such as their abc's, numbers, and how to tie their shoes.

Teacher requirements

At our center our teachers are required to have atleast a bachelors degree in Early Child Education. Our teachers have multiple years of experience working hands on with young children, and have been certified to sucessfully keep your children safe with things such as CPR safety. Our student teacher ratio is 2:10.

Physical Environment

Our classroom is safely stationed with educational activities to keep your children learning all day long. In the room our different centers include areas for small motor skills such as a sand table, large motor skills such as the play station where they act our skits, our main center area which develops a childs mind by learning weather, talking about the week, and teaching main lessons, and much more. Outside the classroom we have a large playground that helps with small and large motor skill developments, and which is very safe due to soft mulch around and the only 6 child rule while being supervised.

Daily Schedule

In the morning our class will meet for center time where we will go over our topic for the day which could be a letter or number, we will also go over things such as the weather, day of the week, birthdays, and lesson for the week. After center time we will all go to the play center where we will act our a skit based on the lesson of the week. Next we will break to have a morning snack. Then we will break off into small groups to play at different stations. After station time we will meet at the center station to sing songs. Then we will break into small groups to do the craft of the day. And then we will have lunch. After this we will go outside to play games and play on the playground. By this time this session will end .


Morning session: snack -8:00 a.m. and 9:30 lunch - 10:30 a.m.

Afternoon session: lunch- 11:30 a.m. snack 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.


-snack 1; fresh banana and grapes with apple juice

-snack 2; cheese and crackers with grape juice

-lunch; turkey and cheese sandwich with pretzels and milk or orange juice


-snack 1; apple slices and wheat crackers with milk or water

-snack 2; yogurt and strawberries with apple or pomegranate juice

-lunch; chicken nuggets, broccoli, and wheat roll with water or orange juice


-snack 1; english muffin and jam with milk or grape juice

-snack 2; peach slices and pretzels with acai-berry juice or water

-lunch; grilled cheese on wheat bread and tomato soup with gold fish and apple juice


-snack 1; blueberry muffins with milk or orange juice

-snack 2; celery and carrots with option of ranch and water or blueberry juice

-lunch; spaghetti and meat sauce with grape juice or water


-snack 1; banana bread and applesauce with milk or water

-snack 2; cottage cheese and wheat bread toast with apple juice

-lunch; mac and cheese and peas with grape juice or water

Throughout the day water will constantly be available to all children, including snacks and lunches with water not mentioned. As will substitutions varying on an individual child's allergy's and needs.

Class Rules

1. Respect yourself and others

2. Use your manners

3. Always share and be nice to eachother

4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

5. Ask the teacher before you do something

Teaching and Learning

Our class teaches skills and promotes learning by involving all children in various group activities such as block building, sorting, learning songs, and playing games on the playground. Our class encourages all children to participate by doing group activities that include all kinds of children and we encourage our children to include others who may feel left out. But our class also works in solo activities at times to promote learning how to write numbers and letters, or do individual crafts with guidance from teachers. In our class we strive to make it feel as welcome and loving as possible by encouraging positive behavior and solving conflicts fast, we also provide a welcoming environment by keeps colors and items in the room bright and safe.