2F News

April 11, 2016

Up and Coming

Yesterday's field trip was fantastic! Some of our students even got to take part in the play!

This Friday and Saturday, Sitara will be putting on a FREE show at the amphitheater at Cairo Festival City.

Where: CFS, outside amphitheater

When: 5 pm

What: The Rainbow Thieves

No Spelling This Week!

Student Led Conferences: April 21


Weather: students are becoming more adept at reading a thermometer and determining the force of the wind using the Beaufort scale. This week, we will learn about severe weather: floods, drought, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards and sandstorms.


Students have begun learning how to express themselves by writing book reviews. They are learning specific phrases that writers use to introduce and end a review, as well as certain transition words and phrases.


Many students created some pretty amazing projects to show what they know about 3D shapes. Our next units focus on 2D shapes and patterns.