division steps

easy for all

good to do in 10 steps

1.when you divide with whole numbers you take your first number and see if it goes into the first number inside the house...ex. 28 into 3

2.if that doesn't work use the next number...ex 28 into 32

3.see how many times the first number can go in the the 1 in the house 28 into 32 =1

4.put that number on the house then multiply...ex 28 into 32=1=28x1=28

5.after you multiply take the product and put it under the number in the house...ex. 32 6.then you subtract.

7. after you subtract take the answer and check to see if that is lower

than your starting number

8.If it is then you bring down the next number...ex 28 into 32=4 28 into 329



9.after you bring down see how many times that can go in to your first number (28)


**if you use a decimal just bring it up

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