storage devises

floppy disk

cheap magnetic storage devises that holed 1.44Mb of data they are portabule and can be damaged easily

zip drive

zip disks lanched with a capacities of 100Mb but later versons incresed this to 250Mb then 750Mb.However it was never poular and was replaced with the 3.5-inch floppy disk

hard disk

they have many advantages like fast access time and fast data transfer rates and are cheap but they are not usally portable and can be damaged


thes are like old VCR tapes they have magnetic storage and are used for large backups

optical storage

CD-ROMS are fast and can store up to 700mb of data and canot be witten to but CD-R can be witten to once and hold 700mb of data but CD-RW can be rewitable over and ovet again.

DVD-ROM are fast and can store up to 4.7 gb of data and cannot be witten to but DVD-R are witerble to once and hasve the same capctiey but DVD-RW are rewitabul

solid state storage

thes are USB flash drives wich are rewitable and are portabul and fits in your pocket