Scavenger Hunt

Testing substances with the pH's of 1-12


1. Battery acid (muriatic acid)

2. Lemon juice

3. Orange juice

4. Tomato juice

5. Black coffee

6. Milk

7. Sodium chloride

8. Eggs

9. Baking soda

10. Milk magnesia

11. Hand soap

12. Bleach


1. Measuring cup

2. Whisk or stirring utensil

3. Tablespoon

4. pH strips

5. pH scale

6. Camera (phone)

7. Scissors

Acidic Solutions

A solution when the Hydrogen ion is higher than the hydroxide ion when the solvent is water. pH levels 1-6.

Neutral Solutions

A solution that is not acidic nor basic, a pH of 7.

Basic Solutions

A solution with less hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions with a pH level of 8-14.
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1. Go to a secluded environment with substances and materials you are testing to experiment.

2. Get your substance you're testing, pour half a cup of substance into your measuring cup. If you're testing a solid, measure a table spoon of your solid, pour into half of a cup of water in your measuring cup. Be sure to stir solution well.

3. Cut a pH stick in half.

4. Put half of pH stick in half cup of your solution, be sure to not let go.

5. Once pH stick changes color, compare to pH scale and determine pH level by the color of stick coordinated with the color on pH scale.

6. Once pH level is determined, take a picture of your pH stick held next to pH scale with substance. Be sure to show the label of your substance.

7. Once picture is taken, place your picture onto your website below procedures.

8. Clean your measuring cup so your following substances aren't inaccurate.

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Created by:

Sami Montemayor, Fallon Freeman, Ike Obialo.