Year of The Hangman

Gary Blackwood

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Creighton Brown

Creighton is a rebel who's luck is not on his side. He plays cards but is not very good at all.He stays out late at night and watches the people that are bad get hung and then the next day he skips school.

Charlotte brown

Charlotte Brown is Creighton's mom and she is demanding and she wants Creighton to be a gentleman.

Main Setting

The setting takes place in England and then in The colonies. The time this takes place is in 1777

Main Conflict

The main conflict is Creighton going to the colonies and fighting in the war.


Creighton Brown was told that his father died in the war. His uncle(Colonel Gower) took him to the colonies.

Creighton has to find somewhere to live so he plays a game against Ben Franklin. If Creighton wins then he can stay with Ben without work. If he loses he has to work for him to live with him. Creighton loses and has to work at Ben Franklin's print shop.

Creighton and Arnold go to a British prison to look for George Washington. When they look they find Creighton's dad. Creighton and Arnold went into the cell and they got locked in. Peter comes and saves them. When they are about to escape Creighton gets shot in the leg.

Creighton, Peter and Creighton's dad(Henry) go back to New Orleans. They get back to the print shop and put Henry in Franklin's room. Henry is very sick so they give him medicine daily. His dad gets better and lives.