By: Alex Thomas

Finding propane

Propane is nonrenewable. it is normally a gas but compressed into a liquid for use. It is a by-product of petroleum refining and natural gas processing. In North America it can be stored in salt caverns. Below are a few places it can be found.

Producing energy

Propane is burned for heat energy. It can be used for grills, to heat houses, and for other uses. A propane tank (shown below) can be used for grills or stoves.

Uses of energy

Propane has many uses. It can fuel cars, it can be used for heat such as in grills or fireplaces, and it can also be used for refrigeration. Most is used for chemical, industrial, and recreational purposes. But the rest is used for things such as agriculture applications, and engine combustion.


There are not many products, as it is mainly used for heat energy, but there are different appliances that use it for heat. Some examples are: grills, fireplaces, and engine combustion for vehicles.

Who uses it?

Since it is mainly used for heat, people with propane stoves or fireplaces use it often. Propane also powers certain vehicles, such as locomotives and buses. Also, in 2007, 9.7 million Americans had primary as thier primary heating fuel.

Environmental Impact

Advantages of Converting to Propane...


There are many advantages to using propane. It has very harmful few emissions, it exceeds the requirements for clean fuel regulations, and it is used to fuel many things, a few of which I mentioned earlier.