Welcome to Environmental Science B

Summer 2017: 6 week session


I will be your instructor for the summer Georgia Virtual School Environmental Science B course. As in face-to-face school, success is achieved through common effort by student, teacher, and parent. The online world is the same. There are a few things that students and parents need to do prior to beginning the course (6 week start: 6/5/17). Attached you will find a detailed welcome letter and the course syllabus/schedule. They both contain a lot of important information so take the time to carefully read them prior to the start of the course.

Hopefully we will get a chance to talk by phone. I will be making welcome phone calls and leaving my contact information that you can use when it is a convenient time. I look forward to a successful summer semester. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Emily Kroutil


Your orientation course must be completed ASAP! Even if you've completed the Student Orientation Course (SOC), you must complete it again for Summer 2017. The course has been updated and there is NO Opt-Out option and there is only ONE quiz at the end and you must earn 100% to gain access to the course.

Creating and Using Your Parent Account

Parent Account Creation:

  • Parents should read the knowledgebase articles in the order listed below. The steps must be completed in this order.
  • Account Creation Steps/Process:
  1. Parent Account Creation
  2. Link Child to Parent Account (Student GTID is needed during this step)

Using Your Parent Auditor Account:

Summer Due Dates

During the summer we have something due EVERY DAY, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY!

Please make sure you are working on the course diligently EVERY DAY, or you will quickly fall behind.

Remember, we are doing an entire semester worth of work in 6 short weeks!

Summer Late Work Penalties

  • 1 day late - 25% point reduction
  • 2 days late - 50% point reduction
  • 3 or more days late - permanent zero in the gradebook

I will be entering zeros in the gradebook daily for assignments that were due the previous night by 11:59PM.