Creating a Summary

4th Grade


The students will learn how to create a summary. They will get sheets with a QR code on them. In the 1:1 class, they will each have an iPad. They will scan the QR code on their iPads and it will take them to a YouTube video of a short story. They will watch the video and then go to, an online journal. They will write a summary about the video that they watched. They will then send it to the teacher's email for assessment.


Since the students will all have different devices, QR codes might not be the best option. They could use the devices they bring, or are given if they don't have one, and still access YouTube and Penzu.

Lowest Income

The teacher would have to find time to go to the computer lab. The lesson would be the same as if it were BYOD, except they would all be using the same kind of device.