Were king Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table real?

The search begins

for years the mystery of king Arthur and his knights of the round table have been argued over. Is this famous story fact or fiction? Today we'll take a deeper look into the legend of Camelot and those who made it special.

Who lived in Camelot?

among the many who lived in Camelot was the king Arthur. this man is said to be legend and no more but history proves him or a man like him to be real. A king who lead the Anglo-Saxon army into war against the western roman empire, only to retreat to Avalon just as king Arthur did in the famous story, but is it truly just a story. a few of the others in Camelot were Arthur's Knights Of the Round Table. These men were very loyal and even had to under go an oath of chivalry witch meant they must always do what they were told no matter what.

What was Camelot and where is it?

Camelot was the kingdom of king Arthur and it was a sacred land that held himself and the few knights that could pass his oath of chivalry. The location is not known to anyone some people say that it has no real location but it can rather be anywhere you feel it should be. The most realistic place for it to be in is Britain though we may never know the real location. but one man thinks he does.
  • Historian Dr Graham Robb believes King Arthur’s Camelot was in Wigan
  • He pinpoints the exact location at the end of Brookfield Road in Standish
  • The area is said to have been the meeting place of two Celtic pathways
  • It’s also close to Martin Mere, a lake where Excalibur was believed to have been thrown upon King Arthur’s death
  • For centuries, Camelot was believed to have been in Tintagel, Cornwall
  • As a result, the location of the famous lake was believed to have been Dozmary Pool on the edge of Bodmin Moor
  • Dr Robb has laughed off the local reaction however because he believes Camelot is based on a myth and never really existed

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    When did Camelot exist?

    Camelot would have existed in the middle ages. The castle was first mentioned in 12th century french romance novels. the true time is still a mystery to us all.
    King Arthur and Camelot

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