Amoeba,Euglena,Volvox, Paramecium



  • pseudopod
  • ectoplasm
  • protoplasm
  • trailing bulge
  • filaments
  • water vacuole

How it Eats

Amoebas eat by absorbing through the cell membrane and then digests through the food vacuole.

How it Moves

It continuously changes the form of its body forming psuedopods.

How it Reproduces


Where it lives

fresh and salt water


Euglenas move by a flagellum. They get food by photosynthesis, great for a pet! They reproduce asexually. They can detect sunlight with their eyespot. They live in fresh and brakish water. The parts of a euglenas consist of the flagellum, eyespot,nucleus, chloroplast, membrane, and vacuole.


Paramecia live in fresh water and reproduce asexually. They move with their cillia. They eat with an oral groove. A weird fact is that they have two nuclei! Parts of the paramecium include an oral groove, gullet, cillia, anal pore, macro nucleus, vacuole.