Evergreen PBIS Newsletter

October, 2017

What's New in PBIS at Evergreen?

Evergreen has had a wonderful month of October in general, and PBIS is no exception! There have been a variety of activities for students to take part in as the result of their good behaviors. Whether it was sitting at a special lunch table and eating lunch with a few close friends and the principals, or they were having extra recess with their class, students have been rewarded for their positive choices.

It has been a pleasure to watch the growth students have already been making this school year! The Trough has been a way to see how our school as a whole is spending tickets and is another avenue for rewarding positive choices. The "H" in the trough is almost filled! When this box is completed, the school will receive an extra recess!

White Ticket Raffles

Principal's Chair

Students have had the opportunity to put white tickets into many different raffles so far this year. Here is just one example of how a student was able to use the principal's chair for half day!
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Our New Focuses!

Starting this week, Evergreen will be focusing on three common areas: The Hallway, The Cafeteria, and the Playground. Within these three areas, we will be focusing on individual expectations. Below outlines the areas and the important expectations we plan to work on throughout this year. Please feel free to review these expectations with your kids to help build positive behavior and expectations throughout Evergreen!

November Recognition and Reward Calendar

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What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions. This means that we, as a PBIS school, rely on proactive recognition of positive behaviors to create effective behavioral systems. Here is what that looks like at Evergreen.

  • We utilize a tiered system of behavior. This counts for how we recognize the severity of problem behavior as well as how we target support to students.
  • We focus on the positive behaviors that happen throughout our school day.
  • We provide various supports to students at all levels, including walking assemblies, informational posters, etc.
  • We also provide various rewards and student access to privileges in response to good behavior. This also includes general recognition for positive behavior. At Evergreen we use Mervin's Trough, White Ticket drawings, the Student Store, Mustang of the Week, Monday Mathematicians, etc.

This is all put into place to ensure that students are able to succeed in a positive, supportive environment.

Evergreen strives to provide a positive learning environment that supports all students.