The War on Drugs

By Ethan Gregg

Background info

-Drugs can be used for good

-Drugs destroy people`s lives

-Drugs are causing problems

-Drugs are a motive for crime

-Drugs are illegal

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After Enrique Pena Nieto became president during the war on drugs the rate of murders has decreased slightly.

Drug cartels are taking each other out because of how heated the the war on drugs is.

Drugs cartels are fighting each other to win territory.

Children are learning more bad things about drugs therefore they will not do drugs when they grow up.

America has started using less drugs because of the war on drugs.

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Criminals are getting more money from dealing drugs.

Some veterans are going back out on the battle field and losing they`re lives.

Innocent people are getting caught in the crossfire.

The war on drugs is making the government pay less attention to the war on terrorism.

The military is losing their men.

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It is not working

I believe that the war on drugs is not working because Since it has started there has been over 50,000 drug-related murders. Also the war on drugs or just drugs have affected almost every american life.
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