The Reds Tale

September 28, 2017

From the Desk of Mr. Roote

It was subtle, ever so subtle, but there was no denying it. Last week at the After School PD session led by Mr. Bean and Mr. Sweet, an image was flashed in front of you. Some may recall it as clover-like, others pictured it as petal-like. No matter your perception of its design, I believe that Wednesday was the first time we have viewed that image together (below).

In the months to come you will develop an understanding, as I have, of the synergy that exists when the each of the four petals is well balanced and coexisting in a system such as Newark High School. This leads me to celebrate your emergent efforts (possibly unknown and misunderstood) accomplishing great things within a personalized learning mode.

First, a team of your colleagues has designed a course for freshman called FYE or Freshman Year Experience. As a required course for all in the 9th grade, we were keenly aware last spring that some out of the box thinking would need to occur to give every kid access to the course by June. Despite full implementation of the course a bit uncertain, I would encourage you to ask Mr. Castor, Ms. DeGroote, Ms. Ohlson, Ms. Johnson and Ms. Allison about this course, particularly its progressive design as I believe their approach is getting to the core of what is pictured below.

Second, many of you conceived of incredible ideas for your advisement groups that partner with our monthly SEL work. I heard everything on how to work with these groups from mindfulness breaks outside to free access to individual teacher talents in the building. I want to encourage you to keep the aforementioned style of thinking moving forward because it sounds a lot like the coalescing of the four petals pictured below and this merging is what makes schools work!

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From the Desk of Mr. Wagner

Motivating learners can be a challenging task and there are many reasons a student may be unmotivated. I came across and article recently, Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Unmotivated Students, that I want to share as it prompted my thinking. Listed below is a summary of what research suggests motivates students:

  1. Students are more motivated academically when they have a positive relationship with their teacher.
  2. Choice is a powerful motivator in most educational contexts.
  3. For complex tasks that require creativity and persistence, extrinsic rewards and consequences actually hamper motivation.
  4. To stay motivated to persist at any task, students must believe they can improve in that task.
  5. Students are motivated to learn things that have relevance to their lives.

I noticed a strong connection to the work that we are doing as a district and in the building. Building positive relationships and student belief that they can improve aligns directly with our SEL initiative, as well as growth mindset. Providing student choice and developing lessons that are relevant relate directly to differentiation and personalized learning. I also find it powerful that these five motivational factors are within our control as educators. When you get a chance, check out the article to look at the five questions you should ask – there are some valuable suggestions as well.

Mash Up

It would seem that we need to pay a touch more attention to our absenteeism protocols: "NTA MEMBERS, PARAS, AND CLERICAL STAFF: For ALL absences, it is your responsibility to enter your time off in the Sub Service system thru BOCES. If you cannot access the sub service please call Sharon VanHall at 1-866-334-6669. This must happen in ALL buildings. Substitutes should be assigned to a specific employee thru the system. The Leave Request Form needs to be done in addition to the Sub Service entry. It seems that there has been some confusion about this in the past. If there are any questions, please contact me at x3204. Thank you, Sharon DeMarco"

How to generate a below 65 report.

This is a reminder that all disciplinary referrals (DASA related reports are the exception) should be submitted with "Per Admin" as the offense.

The SRT process was modified a bit this fall to improve communication and to facilitate better documentation of interventions. I think I can describe it simply in bullet form (1 and 2 can occur in any order):

  1. Complete the form titled SRT Referral Alert located under Staff Tools
  2. Access the SchoolTool Notes section of the student with a need and create a note under "Building Note, Passed With Promotion" that details your concerns and offers recommendations for intervention tweaks at the tier I level and/or new interventions at the tier II (beyond the classroom) and/or tier III (beyond the school) level.

Please know that beyond the regular discussions that occur around tier I classroom based interventions, an SRT referral is the building venue for accessing supports for all students not achieving at the level expected to ensure course credit.

Social Emotional Learning and the Plan for Excellence

Calendar Share

Thursday, September 28 from 2:30-3:00 pm in the LGI. Lighthouse Team Meeting: Reflecting on our SEL Work. Contact: T Roote.

Friday, September 29 from 7:30-10:45 am. Tom at Regional Principals. Contact: T Roote.

Friday, September 29 from 1:24-2:30 pm in the gym. Homecoming Pep Assembly (see schedule below). Contact: J Cruz or BJ Ross.

Tuesday, October 3 from 2:30-3:00 pm (and all first Tuesday's of each month) in the LGI or cafeteria. Staff Meeting. Contact: T Roote.

Friday, October 6 at 7:00 pm and Saturday, October 7 at 2:00 pm/7:00 pm. Charlotte's Web. Contact: Emily Howard.

Tuesday, October 10 from 6:00-7:00 pm in the NHS Library. School Community Advisement Committee (SCAC). Contact: T Roote.

October 11, November 8 and December 13. College Wear Wednesday. Contact: Sue Gardner

Wednesday, October 11 from 9:18-10:42 am. SEL Program (period 1 start). Contact: T Roote.

Wednesday, October 11, from 7:30-11:15 am. PSAT's for Juniors. Contact: D McGavisk.

Thursday, October 12 from 5:30-7:20 pm. Open House: A Celebration of Teaching and Learning. Contact: T Roote.

Thursday, October 12 at 2:00 pm- Young Americans Assembly. Contact: K Flock

Thursday, October 12-Saturday, October 14. Young Americans. Contact: K Flock.

Tuesday, October 24; Thursday, November 30; Thursday, January 4; Thursday, February 8, Tuesday, March 20; and Thursday, May 3. Below 65 Progress. Contact: T Roote.

3:00-4:00 pm on October 24; November 30; January 17; February 27; March 22; April 25; and May 14. PD Hours. Contact: Robin Uveges

Tuesday, October 24. Apple Crunch Day. Contact: T Roote.

Wednesday, November 1 from 3:00-5:00 pm in our LGI. Newark School District Flu Clinic. Contact: Wayne County Public Health.

Tuesday, November 7 at 7:30 pm in the high school auditorium. Band/Chorus Concert. Contact: C Briggs.

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The Instructional Corner

Upon review of the exit ticket data from our PD hour, one area that surfaced in your questions, revolved around lesson success criteria. Coming up on October 6th, you will have three different opportunities throughout the day to choose a workshop that targets designing success criteria. If you want to get a head start on this, please check out the links located in the Instructional Corner website or contact one of the coaches.

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Alumni Spotlight

Mr. Michael Muscolino is 1967 graduate of Newark High School. While at Newark, he participated in football, basketball and baseball. After high school, he attended SUNY Brockport and received a BS in Education in May of 1971. During his college years, he played football for the Golden Eagles and was a resident dorm assistant. He furthered his studies achieving a MS in Education and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Educational Administration.

His first teaching assignment, in 1972, was at Newark’s Saint Michael’s School teaching sixth and seventh grade social studies. He considers principal Sister Joyce McGinn his educational mentor. In 1973, he was hired by Newark Central School to teach sixth and seventh grade social studies at the Newark Middle School. He left the class room in 1978 to become an assistant administrator at the PalMac High School. In 1980 he made a career change and was hired to be the Executive Director of the Alex Eligh Community Center in Newark, a position he still holds today.

He has coached a variety of interscholastic sports for the Newark Reds athletic program. Between varsity and modified football he spent thirty two seasons on the gridiron. For three years, while at Newark Middle School, he coached the Seventh Grade boys basketball team. He had the opportunity to be the varsity softball coach for twelve seasons. His assistant, Lee Prong, and he had great experiences coaching the Lady Softball Reds. The team won or shared five Finger Lakes East League titles and three Section 5 Class B championships. In 2003, the team won the NYS Class B State Championship defeating Jamesville/Dewitt, an undefeated team.

His wife Sue and he raised three children; Korie Anne, Michael, and Marc. Mike is a life long Newark resident and made a commitment to make it the best community it is capable of becoming. He is involved in many community activities; the Newark Chamber of Commerce, Newark American Legion Post 286, the Wayne County Youth Board and the Newark Elks Lodge 1249. Words of Wisdom, "Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there."

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Close Up (send me a picture)

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The Newark High School Mission, Vision and Values

The Newark High School Mission: We are a school community with deeply held hometown pride, committed to readying young people to be life-long learners with experiences aimed at continuously motivating us to hone our skills in the complex tasks of teaching and learning. Our community is devoted to providing supports for the aspirations of our adolescents as they mature into adults with ambitious plans for college and careers.

The Newark High School Vision: Staff embody the school values and impart confidence while providing an inviting classroom environment with clear expectations and specific academic and behavioral goals. Students embody the school values through intellectual and emotional perseverance. Families embody the school values while remaining actively involved as advocates for their children and supporters of the school programs and staff.

The Newark High School Values: Safe, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Respectful.