Ajla Halilovic

What is advertising? What are the different methods in France? How do advertising and marketing improve the quality of life? How do they influence us? How does a seller convince his/her client to buy a product?

Advertising is the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services. The French use comparative advertising, which is comparing their products to American products (the competitor). The French use television broadcasts, magazines, the internet and billboard advertising. These adds influence us because we try to compete with them. Advertising and marketing improve the quality of life because it tells us about/ gives us new products to improve our lives. A seller convinces a client to buy a product by exaggerating the product, sometimes saying untruthful things and making the product sound better than it really is, or safer, if were talking about cigarettes or alcohol.

Brands of French products

Olay, Christian Dior, Marvis, L'oreal Paris, Chanel, Yves-Rocher, Avène, Homéoplasmine, Uriage, L'occitane, Nivea, or Lancôme

American cigarette advertisement

The product is Newport cigarettes. The audience that this is trying to attract is teenagers and adults. The goal or message is that since its "natural", and the tobacco is freshly grown, that it is better and you should buy it. The thing that makes it interesting is the different colors and the different packs. It makes it look like it is fun.

French cigarette advertisement

This product is Menthol cigarettes. The audience that it is trying to attract is teenagers. The goal or message is basically "if you smoke these you will look attractive", like the girl they used in the picture. It is interesting because it is an attractive girl and she looks young and hot.
KitKat french AD

KitKat French ad

This product is KitKat chocolate. The ad is made to target stressed out adults who need a break from their busy lives. The goal or message is to get people to buy KitKats because they give you a break from all the madness and struggling in your everyday life. The thing that makes it interesting is it is in cartoon form and it is a persons day at work. It shows annoying coworkers and a strict boss.