Kaylee Heintjes


The tundra is at the at top of the earth Very close to the North Pole. This huge biome covers a fifth of the earths surface.

General Characteristics

One characteristic is the soil is always frozen they call it permafrost.somtimes in the summer it thaw but just enough to let plant life so very little plant life is found in the tundra. The desert and tundra get about the same percentage of water so there is very little water here. There is animals but its just a few


The temperatures in the winter can get to -60F. The normal temperatures for the warmest time of the year (about 55 day) is between 50F and 32F. Now the average year round temperature is 10 to 20F. Tundra gets a yearly amount of a little less than 10in of rain. Most of this water is unavailable because the siol is frozen most of the year.Tundra has very strong dry winds. The tundra has mountains and flat land


The tundra has lots of pingos which are frozen hills but he trap water underneath them.It also has mountain here are a few ranges Mt. Brodie range and Mt. Heiu Nguyen.Tundra has does have many bodies of water such as the Arctic Ocean, northern Atlantic Ocean, and northern Pacific Ocean.