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February 2015

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Why Schools Shouldn’t Have Year-Round Schooling: By Reed Althouse

Have you ever seen or went to a school that goes year-round? Would you like it? Probably not. Just think, school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays! If we have year round schooling, it would be 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, and 365 days a year (not including breaks)! Also, we wouldn’t have important events like swimming lessons or summer sports!

Think, no more swimming lessons! Without it, we wouldn’t know how to swim, which might be life-threatening once you go camping with your friends! You would miss camping! That might lead to not knowing what things like poison ivy is! Then you might get poisoned by it and possibly get sick, and so on. It is a chain reaction. All because of year-round schooling! Another example. You play a summer sport. You have school, so you can’t come. Your team has to cancel the sport! What if it was for a fundraiser to help a cancer society? The society would be let down, and the people with cancer wouldn’t be able to get better, so they die! That wouldn’t be good.

Also, year-round schooling can be stressful. People can get too tired to learn. They have nothing to look forward to. They sometimes forget their homework and the teachers get mad. Why have year-round schooling if it doesn’t even benefit the teachers? Year-round schooling is like having summer school for everyone! That just doesn’t make any sense.

I hope you’ve learned why I don’t think year-round schooling should exist. BYE!!

Valentine's Day Gifts- Sophia Williams

Wow! It feels like Christmas was just here! But sadly we have more amazing holidays ahead of us. It is just the beginning of the February Valentine’s Day spirit! Everybody likes receiving something from friends or family. In this February article, I will be writing about Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

One of the most common Valentine’s gifts are candies. Candies could be chocolates, swedish fish, gummies, jawbreakers (probably not a good idea, they don’t really set the ‘love’ spirit). One of the best sites to buy candies is: It's Sugar

Another common Valentine’s Day gift are stuffed animals. Mostly bears, but it is basically and mostly preference so it is your choice. But the Valentine’s main color theme for gifts galore are all shades of Red and Pink. So even if you don’t give somebody candy or stuffed animals, the colors will give the theme of the gift all on their own!

There are tons of exciting holidays, and personally Valentine’s Day is one of my the favorites! And like I said before everyone likes receiving gifts! And why not give gifts on Valentine’s Day? So I hope that you take my tips of gift buying and enjoy some shopping! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Help Stop Hunger By: Aaqib Masood

Hunger is worldwide problem. Most hunger occurs in africa. Having children dying from hunger is a big problem. Kids grow up and when they are adults they get married and have kids. But when there are kids dying before they’re adults that can be a problem. They won’t have kids and that could cause the family generation to stop when kids are dying. You see that these kids are in hunger. It should be pretty obvious because you can see their bones. You can also tell because they look really sad. People always waste food without them thinking about the people who don’t have food. How would you like it if someone would always take your food and you would never get to eat.

So that’s why you should stop hunger. Hope you enjoyed!!
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Things You Can Do In The Winter When It’s Snowing-Elena Althouse

I know lots of people think having snow is bad because you get colds and other things. But I am going to tell you some of the fun things you can do in winter.


Sledding is a good thing to do in the winter time when you are bored and there is about 3 inches of snow on the ground. When you walk up the hill it gives your legs exercise.

Building Snowmen

Snowmen are fun in the winter. Just 3 snowballs and coal, carrot nose, buttons scarf, hat you name it! Snowmen are fun because you get to dress it and make it your own!

Snowball Fights

Snowball fights are fun for people who like war. Throw the snow at people, have teams it’s fun!

Also snowball fights help your aim and your arms. Have fun!

Have you changed your mind about snow now? For some people snow is bad, but some it’s great! Thanks for listening, bye.