Judy Garland

By: Katie Ferguson

Success in Her life

-Film Actress, Singer, Television Actress, Pin-up

-One of her greatest on screen parts, The Wizard of Oz

-She was awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

-Many of Judy's recordings have been put into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

-1999 the American Film Institute placed her among the 10 Greatest Female Stars. In the history of American Cinema.


-Her first marriage was at the age of 19.

-Her 2nd marriage only lasted a little longer than her first. She wed Vincent Minnelli and the had a daughter named Liza.

-3rd husband: They had many separations. Garland and Luft Divorced. They had a really bitter child custody battle.

- After that she quickly remarried Marl Herron. Only lasted a few months

-She was in personal and financial trouble. Making some performances at London's Talk of the Town nightclub. Garland was not in good shape.

-She died on June 22nd 1969. In London, England. Of an accidental overdose.

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