Valarie's Journal


Hope (February 12th)

"If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die." I am completely with this quote. I believe that God will keep you living if you have something to live for. Everyone is put on Earth with a purpose to make something different, even if it is something small that gets no attention. Change happens because of someone. For example, if you are terminal with cancer and all you have left to live for is pain, God takes you away so that you don't have to live the bad that awaits you. People are around for the good.

How Did Ishmael Escape Death?

Ishmael escaped death many times but one of the times I think he was closest to death was when he was captured along with all of his friends. Ishmael and his friends were discretely crawling on the floor until one of their belongings fell and made a loud cling sound which caused the rebels to lift up the leaves they were crawling under and find them all. When Ishmael and his friends were captured, they were soon put with other people that were being held hostage. Everyone that was captured was lined up and separated into two groups, the first group was going to be killed and the second group was going to be trained to become rebels. The rebels' plans were going smoothly until gun shots were fired, causing the rebels to act and allowing the people to seek a hiding place. When the shooting stopped and the rebels' attention was back on their prisoners, they tried to trick people into coming out of hiding but Ishmael and his friends didn't fall for their tricks and were later able to meet up and flee.