By: Laurie Halse Anderson

A Breif Summary of Speak

Speak is a book about a girl named Melinda's struggle to rebuild her life after she went to a summer party and the events that take place will drastically alter her life as she knows it. She called the cops and the party got broken up and now everyone at school hates her including all her old friends, she's all alone. Will Melinda get the strength to speak up about what really happened at that party or will she remain trapped by her own thoughts and fears.

the setting

The setting of Speak is at Merryweather High School in Syracuse, New York.
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the theme/type

The theme of speak is about speaking up about sexual assault, violence, and victimization. The type of book is fiction and is written in first person point of view.


describe the book

Speak is emotional, touching, inciting story about a girls struggle to rebuild her life after she was raped. It shows her struggle to deal with what happened to her and he fear to speak up and tell people what really happened.


The way the author wrote the book you can see what's going on in your head. It contains a lot of detail and emotion that helps you feel a connection to the characters. The used other names to describe Andy Evans such as IT or the Beast to make him seem even more sinister.