WeightLess = Fun Weight Loss

In Cortland on Thursdays

A Revolutionary New Weight Loss Program

New research shows that factors of weight gain include stress, individual nutrition and metabolism and relationship to food, as well as emotions and clearing old habits. WeighLess is the only program addressing all of these factors. Come enjoy the recipe sharing, treats to eat, inspirational activities and unconditional support!


Thursday, Aug. 15th 2013 at 7-8pm

65 Port Watson St

Cortland, NY

Get rid of the extra baggage and weight in life over twelve Thursdays, generally weekly, when we join forces to develop our Innate Brilliance and establish wellness and vitality. Pre-registration required to join the celebration!

Who is Dr. Dawn Stranges?

She developed and designed WeightLess based on over 25 years of research and experience in helping people grow healthier and more balanced as they grow older. She was trained to teach meditation during her residence at a Thai monastery by the monks with the goal of bringing meditation back to the US. Dr. Dawn has taught workshops to empower self-healing around the US and in Canada, England and Sri Lanka.