The 13 Colonies

Colonial Region Activity by Christine Walker

Explain British’s purpose for establishing the Georgia colony and the Pennsylvania colonies.

Georgia was established as a "Social Experiment" to put a barrier between the French and Spaniards. Pennsylvania was established as a "Holy Experiment" for the Puritan religion.

Why Visit New York City?

New York City is an amazing place to experience many different cultures, religions, and heritages. From Little Italy to China Town, every block you walk by can offer you a different cultural experience.
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Savannah and the Savannah River, Why Are They So Important?

In 1733 a ship filled with passengers traveled up the Savannah River and landed in what is known today as Georgia. The original charter for Georgia allowed people to worship freely and slavery was banned for a period of time. Come visit these two amazing places and feel connected with the rich history found in this important colonial town and river.
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Where it All Began...

Jamestown was the Englishes first colony in America. This occurred in the year 1607 when many countries were competing to settle the "New World". You can come here and get in touch with where America all began. You can experience many important historical locations.

Chesapeake Bay:

John Smith explored what is now known as the Chesapeake Bay from the years of 1607 to 1609. They visited many Native Americans near the bay and its rivers. The route John Smith took is now known as the first national water trail. Come and see this gorgeous bay and its historical importance. It will not disappoint.
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The Town of Plymouth

Plymouth was founded by pilgrims who had their ship blown off course. Here, the Mayflower Compact was established. The Mayflower Compact was made for a self-governing colony and was also made based on the majority rule of the male church members. Come visit this historical place and really experience the pilgrim culture.


Here in 1754 many colonies met and adopted the Albany Plan of Union. This called for a loose confederation to promote defense. Come visit this very important place in the history of the United States and see the amazing cultural dynamic in this spectacular place.