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"All Treated Wood is NOT the same"

It is written in big letters on their warranty but somehow contractors are still missing the message. The application of your treated wood MATTERS. It matters to your homeowner and it certainly matters to your reputation. The Ecolife warranty firmly states in the first paragraph "Ecolife is an Above Ground approved product and should not be used in Ground-Contact applications where Ecolife treated materials will come into contact with ground, or are buried in soil; such as posts."
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What does the AWPA consider a Ground Contact Application?

The American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) has passed changes to the standards requiring pressure treated wood used in many physically above-ground applications be treated to Ground Contact retentions. AWPA is a non-profit organization that involves professionals from all facets of wood preservation businesses to create standards by which the industry abides. AWPA standards require the user (builder, consumer, or inspector) to select Ground Contact Treatment for physically above-ground material:

• soil or other debris may build up and stay in contact with the wood

• there is insufficient ventilation to allow air circulation around the wood

• material is installed <6 inches above the ground on permeable building materials

• material is installed in contact with non-durable untreated or older construction with any evidence of decay

• wood is subject to frequent/recurring wetting

• used in tropical climates

• the wood is both:

• difficult to maintain, repair or replace and

• critical to the performance and safety of the entire system

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Hamilton Building Supply sent this example to our attention- Here is what the homeowner requested:

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The material purchased for this job came from a local big box retailer. Notice the end use and pay close attention to the tag! This is a classic example of misapplication.

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Hamilton Building Supply reports to their customers "That's why we only buy Madison Wood!"

Consumers feel confident when projects are built with Madison Wood after learning about Madison’s choice to only treat lumber to Ground Contact retentions as of March 2016. Having the discussion about Ground Contact and misapplications can be a huge selling advantage! Hamilton Building Supply takes every opportunity to shine as experts in the industry and followed up with the contractor and homeowner regarding this job. How are you serving as the expert on treated lumber in your area? We would love to hear your experience.

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The new AWPA rules on the usage of Above-Ground treated lumber has created a sense of confusion for users in the industry. This has caused major disagreements in the building community due to unequal interpretations of what is allowed and what will no longer meet code. In a recent interview Kari Gaviria with Madison Wood, said “It will be up to the purchaser of the wood (contractors and homeowners) to determine that the treated meets the new requirements. Here at Madison Wood our goal is always to protect our end users from having their structure rejected by code officials or worse yet fail because of misapplication.” Madison Wood is one of the first in the area to convert their entire inventory to All Ground Contact. “We know our retailers cannot carry the burden of knowing every application. This industry’s reputation depends heavily on protecting the consumer. And, when we became aware that the consumer wasn’t familiar with where they could use our products we knew it was the right thing to do,” explained Phil Fortson of Madison Wood.