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Dear Families,

It has been a busy week! Today, a number of DWMS students attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the new high school! A big thank you to the DWMS students who represented us at the ground-breaking! Xavier R.R, Nick M., and Grace H, and the following students from the DWMS orchestra, Akira B., Brooklyn D., Everett J., Amaya M., Bliss M., and Aiden W.

And, as you know, we started Thursday on an interesting foot with a power outage. Thank you for your patience as we worked through that situation with limited resources. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding. The students really demonstrated the Tiger Trio during the power outage and were Respectful, Responsible, and Safe! A few students who really exemplified these qualities were awarded a special treat at the end of the school day. Thank you to the following students for leading by example in a stressful moment: Joshua C., Lilyanna N., Matthew A., Alex M. N., Ronin S., Samuel J., Dominic D., Kailynn D., Lexie M., Abigail J., Jillian J., Ashton M., Pearl R.C., Chloe A., Catherine C., Megan P., Jake K., Ethan A., Kailynn R., Ainsley A, Julian L., Rowan R., Nick M., Julian L., Abigail C., and Emily C.

And, to top it all off, it was teacher appreciation week this week. I want to thank each and every teacher and staff member at Desert Wind Middle School for their commitment to our students, our community, and for all they do every day to make DWMS a great school. Thank you is not enough. And, to all the parents and families who sent gifts, notes, and thank you cards to our staff this week, we appreciate you taking a moment to recognize the hard work and dedication of our staff.

Thank you,

Carlos Alvarado

Ground Breaking Ceremony for the new High School!

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Teacher Appreciation Week Shout Outs!

Here are some shout outs for teachers from students and families for Teacher Appreciation Week! Full copies of the notes from students went out to the teachers today via email, but administration wanted to share a few of the notes here as well. We are so proud of all the great work our teachers are doing to support students, engage them in learning, and make DWMS a great place to be for all kids!

From parents:

  • Thank you Mr. Gordon, Mr. Harper, Mr. McCarthy, Ms. Quinette, Mr. Poyser, and Mr. Lee for all your hard work. Not only for my child, but all the students you work with year after year!
  • Mr. Warren, We enjoy your class!
  • Mr. Harper goes above and beyond to make sure my son's needs are met. He has volunteered his own time throughout the year to meet with students to ensure they are getting the education they deserve and need. He shows a level of compassion and dedication that goes above and beyond.
  • Mr. Foster, Thank you for the learning experiences in your class.
  • Mrs. Sponaugle, Thank you for being their for my child. While he may not be your student, you took the time to interact and make him feel safe in this first crazy year of middle school. We love your big heart and dedication to the students.
  • Mr. S has gone out of his way to keep our son engaged in school this year. Whether he was online or in person, our son looks forward to attending Mr. S class each day. We appreciate your patience, understanding and sense of humor. It has truly made the difference. Thank you!
  • Mr. S and Mrs. Witte have gone above and beyond for my student. They provide regular updates on progress as we have navigated through this year. They have been extremely patient and understanding with all my child's needs. I could ask for better teachers for my child.
  • Thank you Coach Julian for ensuring my child is engaged in PE even when he is not in your class. We appreciate the time you have taken to help keep our child active and engaged in class on your own time.
  • Mrs. Hull, thank you for always being positive! Teachers like you make a difference.
  • Mrs. S., thank you for always keeping class engaging! Teachers like you make a difference.

From students:

  • Mrs. Ybanez, that the she would always be the best teacher even if I don't show it. ~Ryan
  • Mr. Lee, Thank you for teaching me math problems that I struggle with and help me learn how to answer them~Lexy

  • Mr. McCarthy, Thank you for being such a great teacher, and always looking out for your students. .~Kylah

  • Mrs. Cabral, I love when she helps me get through with my assignments and helps us what ever I need she helps me understand she always giving us a second shot. ~Marissa

  • Mrs. Vila has helped me and is always persisting us to get work done so that our grades can be as good as possible.~ Jacob

  • Ms. Quinette, She's basically been there for me all the time. She's nice, caring, funny, cool, and a good teacher to talk to and she'll support you in anyway possible.~Alexander

  • Ms. Wright, Thank you for being an amazing math teacher~Shelby

  • Mrs. Poynter, she has made learning fun and she is always there for me she also helped me understand math better. ~Destiny

  • Mrs. Soon, thank you for always believing in me that I can do it when I need help in assignments I really appreciate that very much.~Blessing

  • Mrs. Armstrong, She has impacted me by teaching me things I have never known and being an awesome teacher. She corrects me and she helps me to do better.~ Genesis

  • Mrs. Jenkins you have taught me so much on how to project my voice and make sure I have bubble shaped mouth when singing, you also taught me to have good posture or when I am singing it will sound weird. You have done so much to help me by giving me feed back and helping me to sing better! ~Noelle

  • Mrs. Hilsinger, She has done so much for me. First of all she helped me with math which I was always struggling with. Now I have no troubles with it. I appreciate her so much and all she has done for me.~Madysen

  • Ms. Hughes is always willing to give us lessons, and is always helpful when you ask her for help. She is a great teacher and I wish I could have her again next year.~Ashton

  • Mrs. Johnson, I what I would like to say to Ms.Johnson is that she was by far one of my favorite teachers and that I am gonna be really really upset when I have to leave her class.~Kenadi

  • Ms. Spilman, Honestly she help me understand some of the great things that happened in the. She help me teaching my mom about the past. ~Malayah

  • Ms. Gammage, I would just like to say thank you to her for taking her time to teach me.!~Lee’Aysia

  • Ms. Carrigan, Thank you for being my teacher. You helped me so much this semester.~Lyla