Tour Guides

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We work for tour and travel agencies. Our job is to lead walking tours, driving tours or cruises through popular sites, national parks, historic neighborhoods and museums . One important aspect of this job is that we must be able to remember historical facts and dates. We also must be able to teach that information to visitors in an entertaining and informative way

Advantages Of Being A Tour Guide

Some advantages of being a tour guide are that you get the opportunity to work and communicate with people all over. Second, you get to share your countries history. Lastly, you get to earn free or discounted travel and see the world with others

Education Needed

  • high-school diplomas
  • on-the-job training
  • certificate programs
  • tests covering factual knowledge of specific locations and city history
  • background check to become licensed.
  • Duke University


A tour guide does not have to go on business trips to other countries and cities. Although, they do have to go all over a certain city. He or she will have to know very specific facts about that area.

Dangers Of Being A Tour Guide

Some of the few dangers of being a tour guide is that one of your tourist wander of and get lost. If that were to happen you would be responsible to find them. If you don't find them then it would typically be you fault. You would have to take full responsibility because you were the one taking them around the city.


An average tour guide will earn anywhere between $18,620 and $39,720 per a year.