HomeLink Team Letter

"It is what it is. Or, is it?"

Thank You

Yesterday (Friday) I finished facilitating the last of (5) WALA Fall Workshops (this one was in Vancouver). I'd like to thank you for being gracious with me as I have been out of the building substantially more than usual. Carolyn, Forrest and I will be going to a CTE conference the week after this and after that things should be back to normal with my schedule.

During this upcoming legislative session, ALE reform will once again be on the table and there is no doubt WALA will play a large role advocating for alternative learning. There is a bit of a perfect storm brewing with enrollment down in traditional "at-risk" programs, continued frivolous spending by a few programs ignoring "substantially similar", and over $20 million in ALE audit findings last year.

Again, thank you for being gracious as I try to stay active in the WALA camp this year (you'd hope the President would be active).

Evacution Notes

When taking attendance in the staging area, a missing student is defined as one who was in class but did not make it to the staging area. Students that are absent are not considered "missing".

Team Meeting - Friday @ Noon (Portable 17)

Agenda Items:
  • Bond
  • STAR2
  • School Improvement Plan Goals - Progress Monitoring

District Professional Development @ HomeLink

Friday, Oct. 26th 2012 at 1:45pm

517 Jadwin Avenue

Richland, WA

Common Core State Standards
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For the STARBUCKS raffle this week:
Please put a description in my box of a #12 activity you have done or plan to do. Glenda, Shannon, Michelle, Marcie and (I may have forgotten someone as I'm at home now) you have already let me know and will be included in the raffle. I have copies of the emails you sent.