Luna the Whale

By Madilyn Waters

Luna The Whale

Luna was a whale that got separated from her pod and ended up in Nootka Sound. She started to make human friends at Nootka Sound, but it was too dangerous for her to continue to interact with humans. Sadly, Luna died in a tragic accident with a tug boat (McClure). I think that they should have captured Luna and reunited him with his pod and mother in the wild.

Who is Responsible

I think that the Mowachaht/Muchalaht tribe is responsible for Luna's death because they were going to take Luna back to her family, but the tribe stopped that from happening. They believed that his family might reject him and if they did he would end up in an aquarium. They wanted nature to take its course and that is why Luna is dead.

The Plan

Luna would be led into the net that they were going to use to transport him to his pod. They would take him to the area where his pod is supposed to be and let him out there. If he doesn't adapt well or if his pod doesn't accept him, they would take Luna back to Nootka Sound. When they take him back, he should either be put into an aquarium or be under supervision at all times by the tribe. This way he can get attention and will be safe.

Other Plans

Some people do not agree with the plan to capture Luna because they think it's too risky. The Mowachaht/Muchalaht tribe doesn't want Luna to be captured because they don't want him to end up in an aquarium. They want nature to take its course with Luna. Some people think that we should just leave Luna alone. It would be safe for Luna if the boats stayed away, but Luna craves the attention. This also limits where the boats can go or how long they can stay in the water without endangering Luna.


In the end, I think that Luna's best bet is to be reunited with her mother and pod. Even if things don't work out, Luna could be put into an aquarium that way Luna is safe and will get a lot of attention.


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