Got Clean Water?

9% of the world still doesn't.

Clean Water In The United States

In the United States very rarely do we have issues when it comes to having access to clean water so it's hard to fathom what life without access to clean water is like. Sadly there are still about 783 million globally who do not have access to clean water. Without clean water,diseases are easily spread throughout communities and are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually.

Water Quality Throughout the World

water pollution in INDIA

There is hope.

Solutions to Water Pollution.

There are many things that we as people could do to help provide access to clean water for underdeveloped countries. One of the most important things that we can provide them with is knowledge. Many people in these countries defecate outside which runs into the streams that they use as a water source, which is the cause of many diarrheal diseases that are often times fatal. Because these people were not instilled with the proper knowledge when it comes to sanitation they do not understand how their waste affects their water quality. Another solution would be to provide these countries with proper plumbing so they would not be forced to defecate outdoors.

So you want to help?

There are many different organizations put in place to help provide global access to clean water. A few links to their websites are posted below.