By: Bailey & Jaime


An oligarchy is a government in which a small group of people exercise power! Especially for corrupt or selfish reasons.

Oligarchy inheritance

children are raised and mentored to become inheritors of the power of the oligarchy through their Family.

Countries Who Have an Oligarchy

Examples would be: English government in 1200s and the South African government in the 1900s.

Types of Government Republic vs Democracy vs Oligarchy

Pros of Having An Oligarchy

  • Decisions were made quickly.
  • Expert leadership
  • Rulers were the most educated
  • They worked together to rule with efficiency

Cons of Having An Oligarchy

  • Needs and wants of the people weren't cared about
  • Passed laws in favor of influential people
  • Only privileged people could have a say in who was elected leader
  • In many kingdoms thousands of people were killed due to no freedom of speech