Choice and Voice In Any Classroom

From AP to at-risk


Amber Counts

Holly Genova


In an on-level or foundational course:
  • Students select their text from a teacher-generated list
  • Students have choice in their final projects (within guidelines) to demonstrate acquired skills
  • Students select their written pieces to share/publish from several samples

In a G/T or advanced course:

  • Students select their texts based on learning goals
  • Students plan their final projects (within guidelines)
  • Students select which written pieces they will share/publish when possible
  • Students select articles of interest to respond to in writing

What research says:

  • Classroom libraries, self-selection of texts, literature circles, discussions, and connecting texts to their lives can all engage students in the reading process (57).
  • Students should participate in Socratic seminars and literature circles in which they work together to negotiate meaning (19).

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