Nu Conceptz V5 Spring Show

April 21st at Velocity 5 starting at 11:00am

We are at it again, we ended last season with the V5 Fall Show.... We are going to start it this season off with the V5 Spring Show. If you attended the last show, you know you had a great time.... that was with less than a month of planning. This time, weather permitting its going to be a WHOLE LOT better!!!

BIKERS you are more than welcome to join! For the V5 Fall Show the Mohawk Ryderz made their appearance.

It's $5 to enter this event, there are 8 categories this time instead of 4.

1. Best Overall
2. Best Domestic
3. Best Import
4. Best Stance <This will be judged by Supreme Static>

Additional categories included this year are....

5. Best Subaru <This will be judged by NoVa Subarus>
6. Best Honda
7. Best Euro
8. Dopest Bike

Parking is first come first serve.

There will be a raffle just like last time. Some lucky winners from last years show included free HID's, miata g-string and a brand new motorcycle helmet.

$1 for 1 Ticket
$5 for 10 tickets
$10 for 20 Tickets
$20 for the length of your car.

There will be plenty of photographers if you are interested in stopping by and getting photos.


1. is providing Photos and Video Coverage of the whole event.
2. Muhamad Barzani (DMV Snapshot)
3. Insamnia
4. Marcus Kirk Photography Inc
5. Third Gear Photography
6. SpecOneSociety
7. Fresh Culture


2. F3 Auto Detailers
3. NoVa Subarus
4. Supreme Static
5. HK Kustom Prints & Design
6. AWR Performance
7. TradeWraps
8. Aston Martin

DJ: DJ Korupt (Karan Kapoor)

Additional Information will be put it in the next few weeks!! Stay Tuned.

Nu Conceptz V5 Spring Show

Sunday, April 21st, 11am-4:30pm

Velocity Five Centreville

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.